Who I Am

For a long time there was a difference between what I thought I was, and what I did. I am passionate about equality, about protecting the vulnerable when they are unable to protect themselves, about supporting aspiration, and self reliance, but recognising that not everyone can, though no fault of there own, support themselves. I am about compassion and deep community involvement – about the Good Society, and trying to live the good life.

Of course like many people, for a long time I raged against the inequality of life from the comfort of my armchair. I hurled insults at the TV, and sometimes managed to change the channel to something that I cared about.

I have however, probably far too late, got off my proverbial backside and started engaging with life, my local community, and with politics. I am determined to make a genuine contribution to my local community. It sounds like pretentious grandstanding I know, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is something I am genuinely passionate about. I am in the process of converting that hot air into practical action.

Better late than never.

This action manifested itself in a number of ways. I becameĀ a school governor at my local primary school, became more actively engaged in local charities, as well as supporting local events and organisations.

One particular way that I am converting my ideals into practical action, is being active in my local Labour Party (and occasional forays to support like minding people in London and elsewhere). This culminated in me standing, and becoming a District Councillor in Harlow in the May 2012 local elections, and Leader of Harlow Council in 2014. See blog entries elsewhere, and a constant presence on the streets of Little Parndon and Hare Street!