What I Do | Jon Clempner

What I Do

Forgive me while this evolves!

By trade I am a technologist, more focused on Strategy and the big picture and about understanding what makes a difference, rather than on tactics and on detail. Having said that I base my decisions on real facts, on analysis, on data, and on evidence. While my values – of equality, protecting the vulnerable, solidarity, and community engagement are absolute, the means to that end are subject to real analysis rather than any fixed tribal ideology. I do see things through and I don’t let petty bureaucracy get in my way – even if I can get more than a little frustrated by it. People who are more concerned by the process than getting the job done, do grate.

I do have experience in Marketing, Strategy, and Technology (as well as broad business and management skills), but where my passion is is applying that to real problems, on how they impact people’s lives.

The key thing to me is what impacts Harlow people’s lives, based on facts – not some random ideology.