Had a tour of the new Passmores school, Harlow this evening. A product of  Labour’s Building Schools for the Future programme, fortunately too far advanced for the conservative government to cancel.

Still a lot of work to do if it is to open for the start of the September term, but a truly fantastic building. Lets hope the educational attainment can raise accordingly. Passmores is the flagship Harlow school in terms of educational attainment, but still to break through 50% of A*-C results at GCSE.




  • Jon,

    No mention of this school built with taxpayers money being handed to private sponsors for 125 years with little public accountability. So I must assume you support Academies, which is somewhat surprising for someone who professes to dislike inequality.

    • Becoming a habit ‘assuming’ what I do and don’t believe. Next time we meet perhaps just ask me? While I wouldn’t normally comment on politics here (as you know my other blog is the place for that), for the record….

      Whether we like it or not, Academies are here to stay in the foreseeable future (and reducing it to a ‘supporting or not supporting equality’ is too simplistic to warrant a response). Given that, I am interested in exploring how to instill values of community engagement, equality, equity and solidarity. The Co-operative Schools movement, which most of Harlow’s schools are pursuing seems an excellent vehicle for doing that. I have already attended one parents session on it, and I will be actively engaging with it in the new term. As with all things, I am interested in positively making a difference, rather than just complaining about what I don’t like and can’t change.

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