More or Less – Starting with a New Year’s Day walk

I’m not a big one for making New Year’s resolutions. It is partly the setting yourself up to fail, and partly the not wanting to conform to convention. I have however decided to at least try doing some things a little more, and some things a little less.

On the little more side, I am hoping to do a little more walking and a little more photography. The headline picture is sort of starting how I mean to go on – a New Year’s Day walk through my local area, pastSt Mary’s Church in Little Parndon and past Parndon Mill for a walk down the river. Actually my wifde an I have been doing a little more exploring of our local woodland and green spaces – which lead to the discover of three wonderful carved Totems in Oak Wood less than a mile from our house. I’ve set up a Flikr account where I will me adding more of my photos from my collection and from my rambling (in the physical rather than them verbal sence!). Some are below.

DSC_1003AIronbridge TodayPond in Winter_DSN5285_rawChurch in SnowChurch of St Mary de Haura

On the political front, inspired by the Local Government Association’s Leadership Academy, which I am 2/3rds of the way through, I am going to attempt to be a little less critical, and a little more supportive being proactive, filling the holes, and offering solutions – in short a little more leading by example. The first bit (being less critical) is going to be the trickiest bit – suffering fools gladly is not one of my strengths. Will have to see how this goes!

Coupled with the more walking there is going to be a little less eating and drinking, a little more healthy choice in what I eat. While not exactly a diet, it will hopefully result in a little less of me!

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