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Jon Clempner

On Brighton Beach

Hello and Welcome! I’m Jon Clempner and this is my blog. I do have another one – which has my political musings on it. See you over at Political Thinking

I’m very happily married to Karen who is a bit of a saint. Born and bred in Harlow, she is the reason I’m in Harlow – but glad I am here!

Some of the things I am into include: Good food (eating and cooking) & Wine, Visual & Performance Art, Growing veg,  Photography. Technologist by trade. Harlow resident. All the photos on this site (unless explicitly marked, or of me!) are taken by me.

I was a Labour Councillor on Harlow District Council from May 2012-Jan 2018, in my home ward of Little Parndon and Hare Street, and Leader of Harlow District Council from May 2014-Jan 2018. As of January 2018 I have residing as Leader of the Council, as a Councillor, and as a Labour Party Member. Probably more on this later!

I am about to embark on making a positive difference to Harlow outside of party politics, probably starting with a couple of great local charities. If you think I can help, or want to know more about me, particularly if you live in Harlow, please get in touch.