Jon Clempner

On Brighton Beach

Hello and Welcome! I’m Jon Clempner and this is my blog. I do have another one – which has my political musings on it. See you over at Political Thinking

I’m very happily married to Karen who is a bit of a saint. Born and bred in Harlow, she is the reason I’m in Harlow – but glad I am here!

Some of the things I am into include: Good food (eating and cooking) & Wine, Performance Art, Politics, Growing veg,  Photography. Technologist by trade, PPE Student in spare time, Labour Party member. Harlow resident. All the photos on this site (unless explicitly marked, or of me!) are taken by me.

Embarked on an Open University degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at the beginning of the year. Going well so far, but then I have a long, long way to go. Quite a push time wise, what with working full time, getting more involved in my local community, and a family, but quite enjoyable. The Open University is a fine institution, and with the recent rise in University Tuition feeds to £9000 per year for most, I can see them getting increasingly popular! (Although just heard that the OU are now going to charge the equivalent of £5000 per year – clearly designed to attract full time student, but going to put off working part time students like myself and my wife – more on this in my political blog).

As of May 2012 I am a Labour Councillor on Harlow District Council, in my home ward of Little Parndon and Hare Street. If you want to know more about me, particularly if you live in Harlow, please get in touch.

PS The issue of political ‘imprints’ on blogs, website et al is a bit vague. So, even though I have been rambling on this website for a while before I contemplated standing for elected office, to be sure, here is the imprint bit….
Promoted by Phil Waite on behalf of Harlow Labour Party both at 1 Flex Meadow, Whitehall Estate, Harlow, CM19 5TP